Helikon Tex UTP Urban Tactical Shorts black

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UTP Urban Tactical Shorts black

Material: 60% Baumwolle, 37% Polyester, 3% Elasthan

Urban Tactical Shorts™  were designed as a ‚mid profile’ model, which means that they look less like a uniform than such pants as BDU, ACU, SFU, CPU or M-65.  They provide a greater functionality as compared with typically civilan clothes or low profile clothing intended for carrying a weapon and equipment in a discrete manner.

Product Features:

  • Fabric: 60% cotton, 37% polyester, 3% spandex.
  • Fastened with YKK zipper, often used in jeans and other civilian pants.    
  • Instead of a main button there is a velcro panel which gives some range of adjustment.
  • Twelve pockets:
    • Two front pockets with strengthened edges.
    • Four pockets on the thighs - two large zippered with YKK (reverse zipper) with increased capacity with the use of single fold. Pocket is intended to carrying documents and small personal belongings. Smaller pockets in the front of thighs are fastened with a hook-and-loop fastener. They are intended for carrying mobile phones, magazines for AR carbines and pistols magazines.
    • Two slanted inner pockets, sewn in diagonally to the belt list. Designed for discreet and easy carrying items like batons or extra pistol magazines. Fabric of the pockets is lighter then the fabric of pants.
    • Two large rear pockets.
    • Two auxiliary small packets placed inside rear pockets, which are the equivalent of two interior pockets in the front of the pants. Their depth may be adapted to your own needs by sewing them at certain height or by unstitching pleats. They may carry flashlight or multitool.
  • Thanks to flat elastic tape sewn in the rear part of the belt list pants are well-fitting in the waist.
  • Classic jeans ‘neck’ limits falling the trousers down.
  • The front belt loops have additional loops, allowing to attach the carabineer.

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