FRANK ZAPPA joe's corsage


VR CD 20041 (UME): FRANK ZAPPA joe's corsage

Kinda old (but amazingly well-sounding) stuff ft. versions of tracks that had never been released before as well as rare interview bits ("") with Frank Zappa …

1. "pretty pat"

2. motherly love

3. plastic people

4. anyway the wind blows

5. I ain't got no heart

Items 2-5 from 1630 digital master dated 3.21.89, mixed by FZ with Bob Stone at UMRK from original 4-track ½ inch analog recording. Mothers 1965 demos and the band is:

FZ, Ray Collins, Henry Vestine, Roy Estrada, Jimmy Black

6. "the phone call"

6A. my babe

7. wedding dress song / handsome cabin boy

8. hitch hike

Items 6A-8 from the original stereo ¼ inch reel-to-reel 1964 or 1965 Live recording. Joe speculates, based on similarity of sound, could be from the broadside, Pomona, California. Pre-Verve bar circuit original Mothers:

FZ, Ray Collins, Roy Estrada, Jim Black

9. I'm so happy I could cry

10. go cry on somebody else's shoulder

11. how could I be such a fool

Items 9-11 from the original mono reel-to-reel 7 ½ ips tape. More Mothers, possibly of Invention, more demos, recorded between the Watts Riot and Freak Out. Hello FZ guitar overdubs. Did FZ play all the guitar tracks? Quantum mysteriosis. Band contents:

FZ, Ray Collins, Roy Estrada, Jim Black

12. "we made our reputation doing it that way …"


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VR CD 20041
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