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MonsterShop Heizkörperverkleidung Heizkörperabdeckung Heizkörper Abdeckung Heizungsabdeckung Gitter Abdeckung 1115mm (B) x 815mm (H) x 190mm (T)

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Hide those ugly radiators with a unique, effective and modern grid pattern. The heater cover gives your home a simple, attractive and modern touch and completely hides radiators without losing heat. Most importantly, it protects children and pets from hot radiators. If you have a toddler this is perfect for you!

The radiator cover serves as a shelf and gives more space for exhibits or ornaments.

The high quality MDF wood is light and durable and will not let you down. We even offer a FREE flexible cleaning brush that will make it easier than ever to clean those hard-to-reach areas.

This model is available in an untreated MDF finish and gives you the opportunity to be creative. Decorate and design as you wish.

Product features:

Light and robust MDF heating cover for hiding radiators

Dimensions: 1115mm (W) x 815mm (H) x 190mm (D)

Material: untreated MDF, to decorate yourself

Grille cover ensures that the heat from the radiator is not lost and protects children / pets from hot surfaces

Free cleaning brush


Material: untreated MDF wood

Dimensions: 1115mm (W) x 815mm (H) x 190mm (D)

Weight: 10kg

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