antique tekke turkmen mantle (chyrpy), coat 19th -A



This is a Tekke Chyrpy made in Turkmenistan about the turn of the century. It is in mint condition. The embroidery is all silk and the linning is a block print.

Traditional Black Silk Bridal "chyrpy" of the Tekkhe from Ahal Turkmenistan. Black raw silk smothered with white, gold and deep red silk embroidery applique. This literally takes your breath away with detailed bodice, arms, side and hem embroidery. This one is fairly heavy with one of the most perfect floral cotton linings I've ever seen and falls just at the knee. A museum quality mint condition piece.

Woman's mantle (chyrpy), 19th century
Turkmenistan, Central Asia
Silk, cotton; L. 44 in. (113 cm),

Tekke Turkoman women's mantles are typically embroidered, by women, with small motifs in silk thread with a lacing stitch (kesdi). They are worn over the tunic (kurta) cloak-fashion, covering the head and shoulders, with the long vestigial sleeves hanging down the back and joined by an embroidered band. Among the Tekke, the chyrpy's color indicated the age of the wearer: dark blue or black for a young woman, yellow for a married woman of middle age, and white for a matriarch. The motifs were most frequently stylized flowers, and especially the tulip, the most prolific wildflower of the region. The fish in the present piece, however, represent another ubiquitous requirement in Turkoman life, that of good fortune and the provision of protection.


Mantel (Turkmenistan) A
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