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Pathfinder - Mummys Mask Pawn Collection

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Key monsters and NPCs from the Mummy?s Mask Adventure Path come alive on your tabletop with this collection of more than 100 creature pawns for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop fantasy RPG! Printed on sturdy cardstock, each pawn presents a beautiful full-color image of a monster or NPC from the Mummy?s Mask campaign, including masked cultists, mummies, sphinxes, and unique NPCs that are also suitable to represent player characters. Each cardstock pawn slots into a size-appropriate plastic base from the Pathfinder Pawns Bestiary Box, making them easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures. With tons of distinct creature images, the Mummy?s Mask Pawn Collection brings the friends and foes of the Pathfinder world alive like never before!

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This must-have accessory supports the Pathfinder Pawns Bestiary Box, a fan-demanded collection of more than 300 standard monster pawns.

The Pathfinder RPG is now the best-selling tabletop RPG on the market (ICv2). More than 100,000 gamers play in active Pathfinder RPG campaigns. Pathfinder?s monthly Adventure Path product enjoys more than 10,000 readers, making it the best-selling monthly print RPG product on the market.

Works with six monthly Mummy?s Mask Adventure Path releases (February 2014 ? July 2014) and several other Mummy?s Mask-branded releases throughout 2014.

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1 x Pathfinder - Mummy s Mask Pawn Collection

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