Digitale Hörgeräte-Verstärker - Persönliche Hearing Enhancement Klangverstärker mit erstreckte sich über 500 h Akkulaufzeit; von NewEar

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Have you been looking for a good quality Digital Audio Amplifier?
The latest technology in Personal Hearing Sound Amplifier is here. Intelligently designed; The NewEar PSAD is compact in design and the ideal solution for you.
With so many digital advances today - you want the latest technology; when it comes to the most crystal clear tones. Our digital hearing amplifiers are virtually invisible and very light weight for a notable industry leading standard.


  • Six Amplification Modes - You can use a single button; by 6 modes for the most accurate hearing at
  • Active Noise Cancellation - Suppress and prevent background noise; that excessively loud noise at
  • Prolonged battery life over 500+ HRs - most durable battery life in the industry
  • Wear Comfortable - Small and Lightweight Construction Can You Carry Comfortably All Day
  • High quality - premium durable construction; those with quality materials and excellent reliability
  • We offer these high precision NewEar BTE personal sound amplifiers at a discounted price for a limited time so grab them; before the deal over.
    Why wait!? Take advantage of this great offer; just click the "Add to cart" button above and order today!

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