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Why use NewEar sound amplifiers?

revolutionary product

NewEar has brought to you the latest and most innovative hearing enhancement device. In case you are looking forward to a small one; but to buy very powerful BTE amplifiers; then this is an ideal choice for you. It becomes the kind of sound quality; you have never experienced.

Best design

This BTE amplifier has microprocessor advanced technology; the crystal clear natural sound provides. Its noise reduction eliminates any unwanted noise and lets you hear only; what is necessary. Digital volume control allows you to adjust the volume easily in no time; according to your requirement.

One Fits All

Not sure about your exact size? Do not worry; because our hearing aid is built up everything fits. For a perfect fit three unique earplugs are included. The device is extremely small; almost invisible to others. Due to its light and comfortable design, you will not feel any kind of discomfort; while wearing it for a long time.


Our BTE amplifier has a simple design with simple control using on / off button and volume; so anyone can use it as a pro. For practical storage and carrying, it comes in a small housing.

Key Features

  • Digital BTE amplifier
  • Maximum 40 decibels gain
  • Three unique earplugs
  • Ultra and light fits all
  • User friendly friendly

Best Value

We offer this high precision NewEar BTE personal sound amplifier in a discounted price for a limited time so grab it; before the deal is over. To take advantage of this great offer today; just click on the shopping cart button above.

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