MEDca Universelles Akne Pickel Patch Absorbierendes Pflaster 36 Stück Zwei Größen ZWEI BLISTER Insgesamt 72 Pflaster


Why is the MEDca Universal Acne Patch a valuable purchase? Unique acne-absorbing patch The MEDca Acne-Absorbing Patch is the instant pimple-removal solution for all beauty-conscious people. Now you can get rid of annoying acne in a short time with our new and unique patch. The acne patch works like a sponge and absorbs oil and pus; which clog the pores; thoroughly. Suitable for all skin types This universal acne-absorbing patch was developed for all skin types. People with oily skin often have difficulty with patches; but ours was designed for the best grip. You will not feel any irritation; neither; if you wear it for a long time. Natural Cure The MEDca Acne Patch is 100% natural ingredients. Unlike patches from other brands, our patch has a natural adhesive; which is safe for the skin. We guarantee an immediate cure without side effects. Spotless Acne Care A common feature of acne is; that stains remain. But the MEDca pimple-absorbent patch is a spotless acne solution and permanently removes the pore. It works like a magic plaster; which does not even leave a small stain behind.

Main Features :-
  • 72 Sterile Bandages
  • Natural Healing
  • Breathable and absorbs acne; Pus and Fat
  • For All Skin Types
  • No Side Effects Best Value
A MEDca Acne Patch Pack contains 36 sterile patches and we offer you this fine pack at a discounted price for a short time only. So; grab yours while the offer exists! Take the opportunity for this safe purchase without repenting today; by clicking on "Add to cart" above.


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