NewEar Hearing Verstärker Ohr ITC (Paar)

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Why is NewEar ITC Sound Amplifier worth buying?

Premium Product

The new innovative sound amplifiers are the best ITC sound amplifiers for everyone; looking forward; to buy a high quality sound amplifier. This pair come and is fit for all adult ears. They are so tiny; that others do not even notice; that you wear one.

Optimal reinforcement

The amplifier has a noise reduction; The unwanted noise minimizes and offers you optimal sound quality. With the digital volume controls, you can gradually adjust the volume to your liking.

Unique design

The pair was uniquely designed by our experts. Unlike other ITC hearing amplifiers; will not be easy for us. Special mini-micro-processor technology is used; to give you powerful sound amplification. Also, the earpieces are absolutely safe for the ears. No matter; how long you carry her; they will not disturb you.

Reliable and durable

6 earpieces are included with the NewEar ITC sound amplifier; to reduce costs for replacement. The pair is very sturdy and guaranteed to last a lifetime. For better care and storage of the equipment in a hard case.

Key Features

  • Pair of high quality ear ITC
  • Micro-processor technology
  • Precise amplification
  • Long battery life
  • Durable

Best Value

We offer two brand new hearing amplifier at the expense of one. If you are looking for an excellent device with a low-end budget; then this is the right time for you to buy; because the offer is limited. Get yours; before it expires! Take advantage of these amazing today discount by clicking the above shopping cart button.

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