Technica - Technica Diabolo Bur


Develop your style and increase fluidity with this comfortable masterpiece. The Burn features a softer AVS and shock absorbing footbed for cushioned landings in the pipe and park, while increasing ski control on other terrain. Performance features combine with a comfortable fit for all day riding in any snow condition. 3 Density Construction uses materials of different hardnesses to offer the best performance, fit and comfort. The Twin Support System found in the upper cuff design allows the pressure to be distributed laterally, which enhances performance. Rapid Access is a revolutionary, simple, yet effective system. It features a pre-formed cuff that swings open and closed on a hinge. Dual Pivot allows alignment in two dimensions, addressing performance, fit and comfort simultaneously.
The axis alignment function allows the cuff to \'hinge\' or attach to the lower shell at different points. This enables the boot to hinge on a different axis increasing edge pressure efficiency for performance.
The cuff alignment function adjusts to match the lateral angle of the cuff to the lower leg for fit and comfort. Flex adjustment is quick and easy to use.


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