Generator Stator Honda Interceptor Suzuki Intruder Boulevard Marauder Yamaha Virago XT Polaris Magnum 88-09

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Yatego Nr.:
Generator Stator Honda Interceptor Suzuki Intruder Boulevard Marauder Yamaha Virago XT Polaris Magnum 88-09

Generator Stator Honda Interceptor Suzuki Intruder Boulevard Marauder Yamaha Virago XT Polaris Magnum 88-09

OEM Nummer:

ATV Polaris ATP 330 2004 2004
ATV Polaris ATP 330 2005 2005
ATV Polaris Magnum 330 2x4 2003 2003
ATV Polaris Magnum 330 2x4 2004 2005
ATV Polaris Magnum 330 4x4 2003 2003
ATV Polaris Magnum 330 4x4 2004 2006
ATV Polaris Trail Blazer 330 2008 2009
ATV Polaris Trail Boss 330 2003 2003
ATV Polaris Trail Boss 330 2004 2009

Motorcycle Honda VTR 250 Interceptor 1988 1990
Motorcycle Suzuki Boulevard S50 VS800 2005 2009
Motorcycle Suzuki Marauder 1997 2004
Motorcycle Suzuki VS 800 GL Intruder 1996 2004
Motorcycle Yamaha Virago 250 1988 1990
Motorcycle Yamaha XT 600 1990 1995

Interior diameter: 42mm
Exterior diameter: 103mm
Thickness: 16mm
Length of wires stator to connectors: 900mm

Other specifications:
Number of wires : 3
Number of terminals : 3

Wire to wire resistance:
Alternator : Yellow between each Yellow = 0.4 ohms+/-20%
Alternator : Yellow to Ground ?= O.L. ON DISPLAY

Step 1: Disconnect the original stator wires emerging from the wiring loom. Unscrew the bolts that hold the engine cover in which the stator is mounted. Then take the cover off.

Step 2: If the cover is tight, use a rubber hammer to tap on the sides. Never use a screwdriver in between the joining surfaces. Sometimes you will need to get the cover off to release the original stator leads from the engine.
Step 3: Unscrew the three or four screws that hold the stator inside the cover. These can be a tight fit. Be careful not to damage the cover when using an impact screwdriver to loosen the screws. Also, unscrew all wiring holding clips which may be inside the cover.
Step 4: Look for the rubber grommet that is along the wiring harness. The three leads run throught this. Cut the wires close to this grommet and pull the wires out. If you have difficulties getting the wires out, hold the grommet in hot water for a few seconds. The wires should then come out easily.
Step 5: Feed the new stator wires throught the holes in the original grommet. Use the plastics sleeving supplied with the new stator to run the rest of the wires throught. Connect the bullet connectors of the connector block to the end of the wires. Make sure you have good connections here. If in doubt, solder the new connectors to the wires. Notes: When fitting the copper clips to the wires and then slide the clips into the plastic connector block.
Step 6: Mount the new stator inside the engine cover. Make sure you tighten the screws carefully. Use locking compound on the threads of the screws. The same goes for the clips that hold the wiring inside the cover.
Step 7: Make sure the grommet is in the correct position when you refit the engine cover. Also, use a new gasket to make sure it won?t leak oil.
Step 8: Check if the engine rotates freely. Then tighten the bolts that hold the engine cover.
Step 9: Connect the stator wires to the wiring loom. Note: On older Suzuki?s the wires from the stator have three different colors. This is intentionally done to cause confusion, but the output of all wires is the same. The new replacement stator has three yellow or white output wires.
Step 10: Start the engine and test if the charging system is working.
Note: If any powder coating on the stator has a chip in it, technically it does not make a difference in the performance or operation of the part. The color Epoxy finish is for decoration only. The electrical wire insulation underneath the Epoxy is clear colored and invisible to the eye, but is still perfect in how it functions.

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