Roda Network Gartenbank 003 aus Teakholz


Der Angebotspreis ist der zu zahlende Betrag nach Abzug von 5% Skonto. In Abhängigkeit der im VillaSchmidt-Shop konfigurierbaren Optionen kann der endgültige Kaufpreis davon abweichen. Roda Katalog Network Outdoor Gartenbank 003 von Roda Bank aus Teakholz mit Sitzkissen in 2 Ausführungen, Standard oder wasserfest (hydro draining) Collection NETWORK • Design: Rodolfo Dordoni Network is Roda’s archetypal collection, the one which marked the firm’s real turning point in terms of design. A product line whose highly distinctive feature is the marked presence of solid teak, a modular system for living and relax situations: Network, that is. With brilliant providence, Rodolfo Dordoni turns the skeleton of the backrest into a perfect shelf to hold the accessories of rest relaxation. The structure offers both shape and ornament: clean lines and elegant simplicity work horizontally, in a rhythmical game of full and empty spaces. The Network collection is composed by sofas, stools, coffee table, benches, chairs, loungers and a sunlounger with wheels and teak bar for towels, in the teak structure and grey, tobacco or olive belts. Structure Teak frame. Teak wood contains a natural oily resin which makes it extremely resistant to weather, temperature, parasite attacks and insects. The exposure outdoor creates a 1/2 mm-thick oxidation patina on the wood surface which favors its discoloration to a silver-grey color; this change does not affect its original characteristics in any way. The grey patina can be avoided or removed with the correct maintenance. Belts Double-twisted 100% polyester thread, in cotton finishing; they have great toughness and great resilience, high resistance to abrasion, to heat, to bending stress, high modulus of elasticity, minimal wet regain, good resistance to chemical agents and to bad weather conditions; color fastness to light of 7 in the blue scale (maximum of the scale: 8); as the time goes by, the exposition to extreme weather conditions may cause a discoloration of the threads. Cushions Standard or hydro-draining Gestell aus Teakholz die Herstellung dieser hochwertigen Möbel erfolgt in erstklassiger Qualität UV-, witterungs- und farbbeständig leicht zu reinigen Maße: (B × T × H) 149 × 47 × 45/3 cm


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